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Construction and Optimization of Digital Control System Model of Agricultural Wholesale Product Supply Chain Based on Cost Constraints

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.067


Youlan Lu

Corresponding Author

Youlan Lu


With the help of the value chain theory and the principle of sharing economy, this paper innovates the traditional wholesale market of agricultural products from the aspects of operation management, new technical means and circulation value-added, and constructs a sharing and cooperation platform integrating production and marketing, so as to realize the low-cost supply of agricultural wholesale products, and eradicate the management problems that the traditional wholesale production of agricultural products is out of touch with the market, and there are many circulation links and high costs. Based on the existing supply chain cost analysis tools, a set of supply chain cost calculation method for agricultural wholesale products is improved and designed, which can trace the resources consumed by the supply chain back to the operation activities and the final output, so as to evaluate the supply chain cost status conveniently. Provide the optimal cost allocation scheme under the goal of maximizing profits. The model constructed in this paper can realize the construction and reconstruction of supply chain with optimal cost, which can provide some guidance for coordinated decision-making in supply chain environment.


Cost management, Supply chain, Agricultural wholesale product