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A Study on Ideological Education in Universities Guiding Students to Apply What They Have Learned to the Digital Construction of Organizations in Hebei Province

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.066


Zhijing Fu, Renjie Li, Wenli Xu

Corresponding Author

Wenli Xu


At present, universities are in the background of transformation from traditional education to applied talents training, and the cultivation of applied talents needs the deep integration of ideological education and craftsman spirit. Based on this judgment, as a staff of ideological education for students, in order to cultivate students' concern about current affairs and the construction and development of China's socialist cause, and make students apply what they have learned through schools and classrooms, this paper puts forward that ideological education in universities should guide students to apply what they have learned to the research of digital construction in Hebei Province. This department adopts J2EE platform, and the overall structure of Hebei organization establishment management system adopts centralized database mode. The system is divided into basic information management, job responsibility management, organization management, personnel management and other functional modules. Supported by the achievements of modern information technology, this department can further improve the organization staffing management mode and standardize management means, facilitate the organization staffing management departments at all levels to efficiently inquire, modify information and statistically analyze the staffing situation, improve the organization staffing management level and work efficiency, and reflect the idea that the organization staffing management keeps pace with the times.


Organizations, Digital construction, Ideological education, Hebei province