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Construction of Practical Teaching System for Digital Media Technology Specialty in Higher Vocational Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.065


Ping Wu

Corresponding Author

Ping Wu


Digital media technology is an interdisciplinary or technical field which is generated by the integration of many modern technologies, and the rapid growth of digital media industry benefits more from the strong support of digital media technology now. In essence, digital media technology is a subject with its focus on practical application. For students, the practical application ability of related technologies is an intuitive embodiment of students' comprehensive quality. Digital media technology major should not only train students' programming skills, but also cultivate their artistic accomplishment. Practice teaching is the key factor that restricts the teaching quality of digital media technology specialty. It is need to explore the connotation of practice teaching system from the perspective of talent training objectives and professional characteristics, and constantly improve the practice teaching system of digital media technology. By analyzing the characteristics of digital media technology specialty and the problems existing in practical teaching, this article discusses the direction curriculum of digital media technology specialty, and tries to explore a compound talent training model that meets the needs of the current industry.


Digital media, Higher vocational schools, Practical teaching, Personnel training