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Research and Effect Evaluation of “Environmental Hygiene” Blended Teaching Based on Five in One

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.063


Liqing Zeng, Juan Wang

Corresponding Author

Liqing Zeng


In the past, the teaching method of “Environmental Hygiene” was mainly classroom injection, and the content and information taught were limited, which could not let students update their frontier knowledge in time. Ignoring the initiative of students' autonomous learning, lacking the cultivation of innovative thinking and innovative ability. In order to solve the problems in the teaching of “Environmental Hygiene”, the author tried to adopt the five-in-one mixed teaching mode of “classroom teaching, ideological and political theories teaching in all courses, online courses, theory and practice”, and adopted this teaching mode for students majoring in preventive medicine, and evaluated its effect in order to better mobilize their learning enthusiasm. The blended teaching of “Environmental Hygiene” based on five-in-one can significantly improve the teaching effect of “Environmental Hygiene”, which is of great significance for breaking through the limitations of traditional classroom teaching and improving students' autonomous learning ability.


Environmental hygiene, Blended teaching, Five in one