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Visual Culture and Its Mainstream Ideology in the AI Empowerment Era

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.062


Xiujiang Tan, Long Tan

Corresponding Author

Xiujiang Tan


Due to the rapid growth of information technology (IT), especially visual technology, visual images have gradually become an important means to represent content and convey meaning, and have prompted people to gain value recognition and psychological satisfaction through visual consumption. In the era of artificial intelligence (AI) empowerment, the growth of Internet and self-media has brought great challenges. How to establish the discourse right of mainstream ideology and improve college students' recognition of Marxist ideology is a topic worthy of attention in ideology education and teaching in universities. The socialized communication of mainstream ideology is organically integrated with AI, showing a brand-new development ecology, making the visual communication of mainstream ideology a new practical topic. In order to do a good job in the dissemination of mainstream ideology in universities in the era of AI empowerment, we must get the utmost out of and give full play to the obvious advantages of mainstream ideology in cyberspace communication, adopt active and effective new strategies for network communication, and concentrate on the cause of socialist modernization. Visual culture and its mainstream ideology in the era of AI empowerment.


Visual image, Ideology, Ai empowerment, Emerging media