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Research on the Reform of Chemistry Teaching System Based on the Cultivation of Core Literacy of Chemistry Subject

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.058


Xiaoqin Liu, Chenglong Peng, Yuanqing Xi, Yutian Li, Hua Yang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoqin Liu


College chemistry is a subject based on experiments, in which students can learn a lot of empirical knowledge that is not mentioned in textbooks. The core literacy of chemistry discipline is an important part of the concrete implementation of core literacy with the help of curriculum system, aiming at cultivating students' key literacy through chemistry courses and improving their problem-solving ability by using chemistry learning thinking. Core literacy focuses on promoting students' all-round development, so students are the main body of learning in the specific classroom education process. Teachers should change the traditional teaching mode and focus on cultivating students' core literacy. Only in this way can we cultivate all-round talents. This paper mainly analyzes the reform of chemistry teaching system based on the cultivation of core literacy of chemistry subject from the perspective of core literacy cultivation, so as to promote the actual effect of college chemistry classroom teaching and promote the continuous improvement of college students' core literacy of chemistry.


Chemistry, Chemistry teaching, Core literacy