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Approaches to the Collaborative Development of Physical Education Teaching and Sports Training in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.049


Yuhua Chen, Miao Zhu, Xi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yuhua Chen


In higher vocational schools, physical education (PE) teaching and sports training have the correlation of mutual promotion and coordinated development. With the deepening of the concept of quality-oriented education, vocational schools pay more and more attention to the cultivation of students' physical quality, and the value of PE and sports training courses is gradually improving. Both training and teaching are carried out around the sports theory, and it is need to combine theory with practice. Through long-term education, PE and sports training are developing in a comprehensive direction. Teaching is mainly aimed at how to popularize PE teaching and sports training, while training is more used to consolidate teaching knowledge. How to deal with the relationship between PE teaching and sports training and realize the coordinated growth of PE teaching and sports training in higher vocational schools is a major problem faced by PE teachers today. This article explores the strategy of coordinated and interactive growth of PE teaching and sports in higher vocational schools, so as to improve students' physical literacy and sports level in higher vocational schools.


Higher vocational schools, Physical education teaching, Sports training, Collaborative development