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A study of modern college english education and teaching practice from a multicultural perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.047


Yahong Li

Corresponding Author

Yahong Li


English teaching(ET) in the 21st century is facing enormous challenges in the multicultural era. Intercultural communication skills and sensitivity to foreign cultures have become essential basic skills for contemporary people. With the continuous deepening and development of economic globalization and cultural pluralism, current education and teaching are interacting and colliding with each other under the wave of multiculturalism. The teaching of many disciplines and courses is gradually developing towards integration and integration. As the most widely used second language in the world, English has become an important tool for economic, political, and cultural exchanges among countries, and it has gradually become a necessary language skill for social communication today. This paper studies the contents, forms and main methods of college English teachers' teaching reflection from a brand-new perspective-multicultural perspective. Its purpose is to improve and promote the unique "practical knowledge" of college English teachers, so that they can acquire self-development awareness and independent professional development ability. Make the teaching theory level of college English teachers, such as the understanding of reflective teaching concept, be continuously improved; At the same time, it provides operational strategies for cultivating reflective teachers who adapt to the characteristics of multicultural times, have certain reflective ability and can effectively carry out multicultural education.


Multicultural perspective; College English education; Teaching practice