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Analysis on the Strategy of Integrating Folk Art into Art Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.045


Xu He

Corresponding Author

Xu He


At present, folk art is an important part of our national traditional culture, and many of them have become the intangible cultural heritage of mankind and have been protected by the state. Folk art is an important part of traditional art in China. It is an art form spontaneously created by the broad masses of the people, based on folk life and rich in folk cultural traditions. There are many ways to integrate folk art into college art education, mostly through integration. There are many teaching points that folk art can tap. We should see the humanistic value and educational value of folk art and carefully design it according to the content of classroom teaching. This paper analyzes the strategy of integrating folk art into art teaching, hoping to help the inheritance of China folk culture and provide some reference for educators.


Folk art; Art teaching; Strategies