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Examination and Breakthrough of Enterprise Economic Management in the Post Financial Crisis Era

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.044


Jia’nan Ma

Corresponding Author

Jia’nan Ma


Since the international financial crisis, the economic management of enterprises has undergone profound changes, and how to promote the reform and innovation of economic management needs the attention of enterprises. The harm of the financial crisis is not only the damage to the national economy, but also the distrust of the national economic growth. In the current post-financial crisis era, many enterprises are facing a serious survival crisis. In order to maintain the independence and innovation of enterprises in the post-financial crisis era, it is need to reform the economic management of enterprises. In order to enable enterprises to achieve longer-term economic growth, relevant managers should innovate the economic management mode of enterprises to ensure that enterprises can achieve long-term operation and development in the post-financial era. This article introduces the characteristics of enterprise economic management in the post-financial crisis era, and analyzes the necessity of enterprise economic management innovation in the post-financial crisis era. On this basis, it puts forward some strategies for enterprises to adapt to the post-financial crisis era and improve their economic management level.


Financial crisis; Economic management; Management level