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Illustrator Software Teaching Model in Applied Undergraduate Colleges - Using Examples to Promote the Improvement of Application Ability through Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.043


Zhao Di

Corresponding Author

Zhao Di


One of the characteristics of application-oriented undergraduate education is to learn theory while emphasizing the technical, practical, and practical aspects of teaching. The curriculum setting of application-oriented undergraduate colleges is mainly based on the employment hot spots in the industry. The Illustrator course is a software skill course that is generally offered in colleges and universities to cultivate operational and application-oriented talents based on the basic course of Visual communication professional design. Therefore, in the teaching of Illustrator, I boldly adopted the teaching method of using examples to improve skills, and achieved the expected results. The students reported that they were very fond of this teaching mode.


Applied Undergraduate Education; Illustrator Course Teaching; Technology Application Type