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On the Application of Autonomous Learning Strategy in Chinese Teaching in Senior High School

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.040


Yu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhang


With the continuous reform and the rising expectations of people for education, the goals and requirements of Chinese teaching in senior high schools are also improving. As the focus of Chinese teaching, writing teaching is of great significance to comprehensively improve students' Chinese literacy. Although Chinese teaching in China has been continuously reformed in recent years, the traditional thought of exam-oriented education has deeply influenced our teaching mode and students' mode of accepting knowledge. Therefore, this paper studies the application of autonomous learning strategies in Chinese teaching in senior high schools. In Chinese classroom teaching in senior high schools, firstly, autonomous learning strategies are used to cultivate students' good cooperative learning consciousness and guide students to carry out cooperative learning. However, there is another point that cannot be ignored, that is, students' cooperative learning skills, and teachers should improve students' cooperative learning skills, so as to improve the quality of classroom teaching as a whole. Autonomous learning strategies can help students develop physically and mentally healthily and continuously, and help students develop good study habits, thus creating favorable conditions for future study, which will benefit them all their lives.


Autonomous learning strategy; High school; Chinese teaching