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Study on the Matching and Effective Ways between Higher Vocational Education and Regional Industrial Development Needs

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.039


Mingsheng Wu, Yi Qiang

Corresponding Author

Mingsheng Wu


As the economic foundation, regional economy provides material guarantee for the emergence and development of vocational education. It plays a decisive role in the emergence and development of vocational education. The implementation of the plan should focus on promoting the coordinated development of ecology and economy, with institutional innovation and technological progress as the driving force, transforming the development mode, innovating the development path, and accelerating the pace of development. With the development of economic construction and the optimization of industrial structure, vocational education has taken on the important mission of providing vocational training for rural population to enter the secondary and tertiary industries, providing re employment training for laid-off workers, and providing continuing education and training for enterprise employees. It can be said that the level of regional economic development directly determines the development scale and speed of vocational education, determines the development goals, educational content and means of vocational education, and determines the entire system and structure of vocational education. We will continue to prioritize serving the local economy and society, continuously increasing our contribution to the regional economy through our services, in order to cultivate high-quality skilled plowing talents, fully utilize high-quality educational resources to carry out various types of training, technical services, and counterpart support, and achieve a win-win situation for schools and ceremonies.


Vocational education; Regional industrial development needs; Matching adaptation; Effective approach