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Research on the Cultivation Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability and Literacy for Private College Students Based on the Integration of Industry and Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.036


Rongling Hu

Corresponding Author

Rongling Hu


Innovation and entrepreneurship in private colleges are lacking in both concept and practice. The existing innovation and entrepreneurship are limited to a small number of general education courses and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. Most college students lack innovation and entrepreneurship awareness, innovation and entrepreneurship environment, experienced teacher guidance, and market perspective. Building a deep cooperation mechanism between schools and enterprises can cultivate the innovation and entrepreneurship abilities and qualities of college students. This article studies the model of "three collaborations" between colleges and enterprises to jointly cultivate college students' innovation and entrepreneurship abilities and literacy in the context of industry education integration.


Integration of production and education, Private College, Innovative and entrepreneurial ability and Literacy, three collaborations