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Research on Influencing Factors of International Scientific Research Cooperation under the Belt and Road Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.035


Dawei Han, Zitan Wang

Corresponding Author

Dawei Han


Scientific and technological cooperation is an important part of the international cooperation of the "the Belt and Road". Under the background of the deepening trend of scientific internationalization, international scientific research cooperation plays an increasingly important role in scientific development. The research on the effectiveness of international scientific research cooperation has gradually become an important topic in the field of scientific research cooperation, such as the research on the role of international scientific research cooperation in scientific and technological development, the role of scientific research personnel in their own development, and the promotion of the accumulation of research resources. The improvement of the influence of scientific and technological papers and the impact on the cost of cooperation. This paper relies on international scientific and technological cooperation as an important platform, and the quality of talent training and scientific research of countries along the "the Belt and Road" can be significantly improved; The "the Belt and Road" strategy can also play an invaluable role in promoting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and promoting economic development through science and technology.


The Belt and Road strategy; International scientific research cooperation; Influence factor