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The Instructional Mode and Reform Direction of Contemporary Chinese Painting Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.033


Haiyan Xu

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Xu


Chinese painting is a traditional plastic art in China, and it is also an important part of art teaching in universities. The growth of Chinese painting depends not only on the importance attached by the state and the appreciation ability of the people, but also on the education level of Chinese painting in China schools, especially universities. At present, with the improvement of national economic level, the enhancement of comprehensive national strength and the return of traditional culture, Chinese painting plays an increasingly important role in teaching. With the reform and implementation of quality education, Chinese painting teaching has also made corresponding reforms and gradually increased the research on Chinese painting teaching. Good art education can help China stand out in the fierce art competition, and Chinese painting with China traditional cultural characteristics is the art form that best reflects China's artistic characteristics and artistic competitive advantages. Starting with the necessity of Chinese painting instructional reform, this article analyzes the present situation of contemporary Chinese painting education and instructional mode, and probes into the existing problems and countermeasures.


Chinese painting; Instructional mode; Art education