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The Path and Innovative Practice of English Classroom Revolution in Higher Vocational Colleges under the "1+X" Certificate System

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.032


Xu Lili

Corresponding Author

Xu Lili


The pilot of "1+X" certificate system has effectively promoted the education and teaching reform of HVC (Higher Vocal Colleges), and urged it to implement "dual" training in school-enterprise cooperation. The implementation of "1+ X" teaching mode has put forward new requirements for English course teaching and brought new opportunities for teachers' professional development. The pilot work of "1+X" certificate makes HVC teachers fully aware of the shortage of existing knowledge and skills, so they will try their best to open up various channels, charge their knowledge and improve their skills across disciplines and disciplines, and make themselves versatile in both theoretical teaching and practical operation. This paper expounds the path and innovative practice of HVC English classroom revolution under the guidance of the "1+X" certificate system.


"1+X" Certificate System; Higher Vocational Colleges; English Classroom