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Research on the Path of Digital Economy Driving Business Model Innovation of Sports Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.030


Chenchen Lv, Yifeng Wang, Jin Chai

Corresponding Author

Chenchen Lv


Under the background of DE(digital economy), enterprise competition pays more attention to the improvement of core competitiveness, that is, quality development, which has the characteristics of less resource investment, high resource allocation and less environmental pollution. In the information age, digital resources are an indispensable resource element for enterprise development. In the process of digital transformation, sports enterprises should pay full attention to the promotion of digital resources, build good digital thinking ability, and integrate them with core departments such as financial management and human resource management to improve enterprise development efficiency and reduce enterprise operation risks. In view of this, from the perspective of industrial digitalization, this paper systematically studies the connotation, internal function and business model innovation path of DE driving the high-quality development of SI(sports industry). From the perspective of the internal function of DE driving the upgrading of SI structure, this paper puts forward the paths of DE driving the innovation of SI business model: industrial integration model, "sports+Internet" model and multi-agent collaborative governance model. This study is helpful to better explore the new path of high-quality development of SI.


Digital economy; Business model; Sports industry