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Construction of Comprehensive Evaluation System of Material Dynamic Support Based on Multimodal Transport

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.029


Peng Ni

Corresponding Author

Peng Ni


Integrated service logistics park is an important organization form of modern logistics enterprises. According to the economic factors of production (land, capital and labor) and the correlation between logistics and national economy, from the macro to the micro, from the two aspects of the total index and quality index, the comprehensive service logistics park economy is considered, conducive to the analysis of the current situation of the logistics industry, and the development of logistics industry is promoted, so that the government can effectively monitor the quality of development park. This paper has a guiding role in intelligent transportation system construction, port logistics information platform construction, container transport safety tracking system, electronic data interchange system, electronic port "single window" system construction, logistics standardization, multimodal transport and other fields.


Logistics enterprises, intelligent transportation system, multimodal transport, port logistics, information platform.