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Chinese International Students’ Application Strategy and the Change of Students’ Identity Recognition of Institutional Cosmopolitanism in the Application Process

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.024


Baoyi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Baoyi Zhang


This paper focuses on Chinese international students’ strategies during application process. Since each applicant presents a persona through their application, they present themselves as students who encompass institutional cosmopolitanism, belief that all students, regardless of nationality are the same in the application process, cause at the preliminary application stage diversity and globalization are prioritized. This paper analyzes data and application strategy of ten international students applying in 2022. They are divided into three categories according to their major choice and academic interests. All applicants are affected by cosmopolitanism, an ideology of equal human rights and multiculturalism, in both their application and identity recognition. Art students thrive by integrating cultural identity and “vibe-related” materials. STEM students stand out by breaking down stereotypes. Social science students lean towards wholistic education to succeed.


Cosmopolitanism, International Education, Dramaturgy, Chinese Applicants