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Metaverse Framework: An Application for Pre-service Teacher Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.019


Shuai Zhang, Gui’an Li, Sha Dong

Corresponding Author

Gui’an Li


The application of the metaverse to higher education has become an important trend in the future development of education, but in the field of pre-service teacher education, it is necessary to deeply analyze its internal operation mode and path construction. Through the current dilemma of pre-service teacher education and the technical advantages of “metaverse education”, a composite field to promote the “Student-Centered Teaching, Learning-Based Classroom, Developing-Oriented Education” learning of pre-service teacher is constructed. In terms of implementation path, it is mainly divided into Infrastructure layer, human-computer interaction layer, software system layer and scenario application layer, so as to create a metaverse world where combine with virtualization and reality, thereby providing a new direction for the development of pre-service teacher education.


Metaverse, Pre-service teacher education, education space, Artificial intelligence