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Research on Personalized Blog Customization System Based on AJAX

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.028


Liu Hongqing, Liu Yan

Corresponding Author

Liu Hongqing


In recent years, Java language has developed quite rapidly, and J2EE technology has matured. Many enterprises have been developing projects with J2EE. With the popularity of Web2.0, AJAX technology has gradually developed its powerful function. The introduction of AJAX technology has provided users with better experience and greatly reduced the waiting time of users. When users use the system, they can customize each module according to its own wishes, and can drag the form in the page to the position that you want to put. The system saves each setting of the user to the database, so that the user can see the last setting in the next time when logging into the system. Because the system is integrated with AJAX technology, users can operate this system more conveniently.


AJAX, micro-blog, Web2.0, user experience.