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Design and Implementation of POA-Oriented Blended Teaching Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.013


Shen Hongwei, Jiang Haixia

Corresponding Author

Shen Hongwei


Blended teaching offers fresh perspectives for college English courses. This article discusses the research on blended learning models and the current advancements in intelligent learning research. Based on this analysis, a college English blended learning model is developed to align with the characteristics of the era of intelligent learning. The model is guided by the POA (production-oriented approach)teaching theory and focuses on developing students’ abilities and interests. The model integrates learning, training, testing, and evaluation into a complete learning process by restructuring the college English teaching environment, content, activities, and evaluation methods. This paper aims to provide theoretical support and methodological guidance for future college English teaching practices.


blended teaching, intelligent learning, POA