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Research and Practice on the College English Intensive Reading Teaching Model in Application-oriented Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.009


Yan Cheng, Haijun Li

Corresponding Author

Yan Cheng


Intensive reading teaching is the core component of college English reading teaching, which is related to the improvement of students’ English practical application ability. What kind of educational concept should be upheld in intensive reading teaching? This paper argues that the discussion of ‘fusion of horizons’ and ‘logic of question and answer’ in philosophical hermeneutics has new implications for college English intensive reading teaching: it emphasizes the openness of the text and the subjectivity of the reader in the reading process, highlighting the dialogue and interaction between teachers and students in teaching. This requires that we must pay attention to the possibility of students’ participation in multiple understanding in reading, and explore a new teaching mode of college English intensive reading according to the theory of the relationship between hermeneutics and teaching.


college English, intensive reading, teaching model, application-oriented universities