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An Introduction to the Migration of Interactive Management Concepts in School Development

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.007


Jingru Yang

Corresponding Author

Jingru Yang


In the current global context of information technology, all aspects of society are changing, and school management and development are equally faced with the challenges given by the times. In contrast to the traditional vertical management model, interactive management emphasizes a new two-way interactive management model focusing on a wide range of managers and justice. As a newly grown management model, interactive control is playing up its theoretical foresight and the practicality of its methods and tools, which provide new strategic ideas for school development. By analyzing the connotations of the interactive management concept, this article argues that it can also bring new paths to school development. It expresses some thoughts on its migration and advancement in school reform and development to provide some insights into the transformation of the modern school development approach.


interactive management, resource consortia, distributed leadership, sustainable development