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Discussion on the Training Mode of University Art Design Talents in the Digital Age

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.048


Xiaoming Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xiaoming Zhou


In the digital age, users are considered digital natives, and digital thinking is an application tool focused on user experience. One of the professional attributes of art design is providing design services, and the recipients of design projects are the users. As university education is closely intertwined with economic development, technological progress, and industrial structure adjustment, it is essential to align the cultivation of artistic design talents with the driving forces, logical thinking, and spatial structure of the digital age. This requires timely adjustments in the concepts and implementation of talent cultivation. This paper summarizes and organizes the profound integration between educational institutions and enterprises, the establishment of an "Industry-University-Research" teaching system, the stylization of creative processes, and the cross-disciplinary talent training approach. The aim is to explore the talent training mode of university art design in the digital age, with the goal of enhancing contemporary art education's relevance to the current era and its frontier.


Digital age; Art design; Talent training