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Research on Emoji Design in the Communication Age

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.046


Mengyao Zheng

Corresponding Author

Mengyao Zheng


Internet emoticons have become an important way to express emotions in online social interaction. When words can't fully express the feelings of communication, social language represented by online emoticons gradually forms a new language model. Emoji, which is widely used in the communication era, is similar to the symbols drawn in letters in the early days, but its carrier is different, and its emergence can not be separated from the development of personal computer technology. The emergence and development of emoticons in the communication era revolves around the development of computer technology. Taking the different user experiences brought by emoji in the communication era as an example, this paper analyzes the development process of emoji and the embodiment of emotional design. This paper attempts to analyze emoji, a popular element in the communication age, from the design point of view, and find relevant theoretical support. I believe these theories can also play a guiding role in other designs.


Communication age; Emoji; Design