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Computer Sales and After-sales Service System -- Front Office Management Subsystem

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.026


Liu Hongqing, Liu Yan

Corresponding Author

Liu Hongqing


The computer sales and after-sales service management system is a specialized system which specializes in providing after-sales service management for the computer sales company, including the front desk management subsystem, the backstage management subsystem and the online feedback subsystem. The main characteristics of after-sale service system are: many customers receive a wide range of services and various types of services. This feature determines three aspects of its development, including the establishment and maintenance of the background database, the development of the front end application and the overall aesthetic design of the system. This requires the system to establish a strong data consistency and integrity, good security database, and should achieve the application of complete functions, easy-to-use and other characteristics.


Computer sales, after-sales service, front desk management, system design.