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Research on Public Art in Smart Community Management

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.044


Danmei Zhang, Song Chen

Corresponding Author

Song Chen


With the rapid growth of urbanization, high-density buildings and compact pace of life make life communication between people more and more difficult, so open space has become a place for people to gather and move. Smart communities take full advantage of information platforms such as the Internet and the Internet of Things, involving intelligent buildings, smart homes, telemedicine services, road network monitoring, personal health and digital life, and give full play to the advantages of developed information and communication industry, telecommunications services and excellent information infrastructure. Public art is the dialogue and echo of the humanities, environmental art and social themes in the community. The involvement of public art in urban smart communities has a positive guiding role in the spiritual civilization construction of smart communities and can realize the effective growth of urban smart community construction. Starting from the involvement of public art in the construction of smart cities, this article analyzes the correlation between public art and the creation of spatial environment in smart communities, and discusses the spatial environment setting form of public art in smart communities, which provides a new perspective for the creation of harmonious communities.


Public art; Smart community; Spiritual civilization