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A Study on the Artistic Features of Lens Language in Kitano Takeshi's Movies

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.043


Han Yu

Corresponding Author

Han Yu


Film can be regarded as a language, and all the elements that make up a film can be completely extracted from it for a separate classification study. For a film, if it is segmented according to grammar, the ideographic units in the film can be divided into paragraphs, scenes and shots, and each unit is an expression of something. The lens is like the director's eyes, and his narrative attitude directly determines where he will hide and where his attention will fall. There seems to be a distinctive character in the films directed by Kitano Takeshi. He is strong and gloomy, and his belief is firm, which seems to be a spiritual symbol. This paper attempts to expound the directing style of Kitano Takeshi from the aspects of fixed lens and long lens, image violence, characterization and typicality of lens language, so as to express the artistic characteristics of the lens language of Kitano Takeshi's films as understood by the author.


Kitano Takeshi; Movies; Lens Language