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Discussion on the Organic Combination of Excellent Traditional Culture in China and Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.039


Jiuhai Wu, Li Wang

Corresponding Author

Jiuhai Wu


Chinese traditional culture has a long history and embodies the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation. It represents the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation and provides rich nourishment for its continuous growth, development, and growth. As a carrier of traditional cultural inheritance, Ideology has always been considered an important factor for the cohesion of the nation and the prosperity of the country. In the complex and diverse situation, there are shortcomings such as resource scarcity and outdated routines. This requires us to return to the origin of Ideology, rely on excellent traditional Chinese culture as resources, and complete the construction of spiritual civilization in modern Chinese society with its profound and extensive cultural essence. To enhance the vitality and attractiveness of ideological and political theory courses in universities, it is necessary to quickly integrate Chinese excellent traditional culture into students' Ideology work, fully explore and interpret the reasonable core of Chinese excellent traditional culture, actively explore the basic path of integrating Chinese excellent traditional culture into students' Ideology, and play its important role in students' growth and success.


Excellent traditional Chinese culture; Universities; Ideological and political education