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Research on the Construction of Public Library's Cultural Service System under the Background of National Reading

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.036


Li Wang, Jiuhai Wu

Corresponding Author

Li Wang


Public library service is an important part of the public cultural service system, and it is the main form and content to realize the "two basic" goals of public cultural service-"to realize and protect citizens' basic cultural rights and interests and meet the basic cultural needs of the broad masses of people". A sound public cultural service system is of great significance for building a harmonious culture and a harmonious socialist society. As the main position of reading for the whole people, the library has become an indispensable support in the public cultural service system. As a public cultural place, public libraries provide reading services for readers. In order to provide better utilization services for readers and achieve the purpose of reading for the whole people, this paper is committed to solving the problem. This article summarizes its inspiration for social cooperation in other venues. Based on these analyses, the fourth part summarizes the content and main hierarchical framework of social cooperation in public libraries in China, such as strategic cooperation between public libraries and the government, cooperation with homogeneous cultural institutions, public welfare cooperation with social groups, and win-win cooperation with enterprises.


National Reading; Public libraries; Cultural service system