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Research on Surrealism Style Ceramic Art under the Innovative Design of Arts and Crafts

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.035


Libo Wang

Corresponding Author

Libo Wang


Contemporary ceramic art has broken the thinking mode of traditional ceramic art creation. It no longer focuses solely on the practical function of ceramic art, but on the artistic expression and emotional expression of ceramic art. The development of innovative works of arts and crafts in China shows a diversified trend. More and more ceramic artists like to explore new forms and concepts of ceramic art, and their aesthetic appeals are more diverse. For them, unique ceramic art has a strong attraction and charm. In this context, the creation of ceramic art with surrealist style began to emerge. From this point of view, this paper integrates the application of surrealism theory in the practice of contemporary ceramic art creation in the study of innovative design of arts and crafts. It uses the combination of exaggeration and collage to construct the theme image as the creative carrier, creates the fantasy space of the work in the way of dream subconsciousness, transforms the real life into a dream world, achieves a detached situation, thus forms a new ceramic style.


Innovative design of arts and crafts, pottery, surrealist style