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Research and Analysis of Enterprise Economic Management Strategy Based on the Perspective of Circular Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.034


Xiaolan Sun

Corresponding Author

Xiaolan Sun


With the rapid growth of economy, the global ecosystem is deteriorating, and the research on enterprise environmental cost control has become a research hotspot in recent years. At present, the policy of promoting enterprises to develop circular economy in China is not strong enough, and the assessment of environmental cost index is rarely considered in the performance evaluation index system of state-owned enterprises, which leads many enterprises to ignore the ecosystemal cost and pursue their short-term interests at the expense of the environment. In order to truly implement circular economy, enterprises must carry out green changes in management strategy, management technology, business objectives and other aspects. Through economic management, the economic management of this unit is ensured to operate effectively under the new accounting system, which has laid a good foundation for the healthy and stable growth of the company. This paper studies the contents and objectives of enterprise environmental cost control under the circular economy mode, aiming at helping enterprises achieve better economic management.


Circular economy; Enterprise management; Environmental costs