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Research on Innovative Methods of Party History Education in Higher Education Institutions in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.033


Jiayi Si, Xingwang Wang, Dehua Zhou, Li Guo, Yuehua Yang

Corresponding Author

Jiayi Si


The cultivation of revolutionary spirit through the study of Party history is not only a fine tradition of the Communist Party of China, but also an urgent need to cultivate new generations of young people who are patriotic, dedicated, and capable of shouldering the responsibility of national rejuvenation. To enhance the effectiveness of Party history education in universities in China and to meet the demands of young students, it is necessary to further reform and innovate the content, forms, and methods of education. This paper proposes several innovative methods, including creating an "Internet+Party history" course, promoting a "light reading" approach to Party history education, and implementing a new method of "walking through university campuses to learn about Party history." It is emphasized that teachers play a key role in the innovation of Party history education methods in universities.


University, Party history education, Innovation research