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Research on Foreign Exchange Risks and Prevention Strategies in International Economic and Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.031


Jia’nan Ma

Corresponding Author

Jia’nan Ma


With the increasing international influence of China, more and more enterprises have participated in international trade. Foreign exchange trading has also become an important part of economic growth in various countries. At the same time, the foreign exchange risk problem also affects the development of the country and enterprises to a great extent. International economy and trade are facing fierce market competition, and exchange rate plays an important role in the competition. If foreign trade enterprises want to effectively cope with market competition, they need to take foreign exchange risks seriously. In this context, if China wants to seize the opportunity in the international market, it must do a good job in preventing foreign exchange risks and effectively contain them. Finding out the causes of foreign exchange risks and solving them is the key to the stable and long-term development of countries and enterprises in international economy and trade. This paper analyzes the definition and causes of foreign exchange risk in international economy and trade, and discusses the impact of risk; On this basis, this paper puts forward specific suggestions on the prevention measures of foreign exchange risks in international economic and trade, hoping to effectively deal with foreign exchange risks.


International economy and trade; Foreign exchange risk; Preventive strategy