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Innovation Strategy of Economic Management of Logistics Enterprises in E-business Economy Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.026


Pengchu Lin

Corresponding Author

Pengchu Lin


E-business is a business activity that uses network and computer means to realize the exchange of goods by means of network platform. E-business focuses on customer needs, coordinates all stakeholders and pursues balanced development. E-business not only breaks through the geographical and time limitations of traditional business communication activities, but also realizes the deep integration of business and financial processes between different enterprises, which promotes the growth of the global economy. The financial management of an enterprise should adapt to the growth of the whole enterprise itself and the industry environment in which it is located, and it should also have the characteristics of continuous updating and continuous improvement in order to be conducive to the growth of the enterprise. As a new industry, logistics industry has many opportunities for development, but it also has many shortcomings due to its short development history, which requires logistics enterprises to adjust and improve themselves. This article mainly discusses the current internal management of logistics enterprises, analyzes the current management status of logistics enterprises, and finds out the existing problems and the places that need to be improved.


E-business; Logistics enterprises; Economic management