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File Transmission and Download System Based on P2P

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.024


Liu Hongqing, Liu Yan

Corresponding Author

Liu Hongqing


With the development of modern information technology, P2P technology has become a hot topic in computer network technology. Compared with the C/S mode, the P2P mode reduces the load of the server and reduces the network congestion; changes the client's passive role in the C/S structure, making the client a node with both the server and the client functions in the P2P network. JXTA (Juxtapose abbreviation, side by side) is mainly used to provide basic services for P2P programs. The technology is committed to create a universal platform to build specific equalities and distributed services and applications in a simple and effective way.


P2P, upload, download, file system, distributed.