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Research on the Impacts of Hybrid Teaching Mode on Learning Acquisition

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.015


Linwei Li

Corresponding Author

Linwei Li


Higher education is the core field of talent training in China. Therefore, its quality directly affects the quality of Chinese education. In higher education, teachers should constantly optimize teaching methods and approaches to improve classroom teaching efficiency and effectiveness. With the vigorous development of modern information technology, the curriculum reform of colleges and universities has also ushered in a new opportunity. In the Internet era, colleges, and universities should actively promote teaching reform by combining information technology with teaching to build a mixed classroom teaching model that uses the Internet as the platform, offline as the primary classroom, and online as the supplement.Therefore, strengthening the in-depth research of the hybrid teaching mode combining online and offline is of great significance to improve students' learning acquisition and improve the quality of college education and teaching.


Higher education; Education mode; Online and offline mixed mode; Learning acquisition