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Game Analysis Based on Sino-British Nuclear Energy Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.013


Chun Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chun Zhang


As the Sino-British relationship enters a new era, nuclear energy cooperation has entered a stage of high-quality development. In adhering to the idea of peaceful use of nuclear energy, it is necessary to put forward the proposition of cooperation to better meet the energy needs and environmental protection needs of the two countries. Based on the dynamic changes of nuclear energy cooperation, the theoretical analysis framework of game analysis of Sino-British relations constructed according to the internal logic of game theory can explain the game model and results generated by the interest demands and behavior assumptions of both China and Britain. In addition, from the perspective of game results, people can predict the possibility of moving towards high-quality cooperation. Nuclear energy cooperation between China and Britain aims to provide nuclear energy that meets safety standards and benefits. China is committed to continuously improving nuclear technology and improving cooperation satisfaction. To achieve high-quality nuclear energy cooperation and boost Sino-British relations to a new level, the government should take measures, including strengthening nuclear material control based on entity protection, building a mechanism for nuclear technical information exchange between China and the UK, and establishing an evaluation system for nuclear energy cooperation and third-party transfer, to achieve the purpose of making full use of nuclear energy.


Sino-British relations; Nuclear energy cooperation; Game analysis; High quality development