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The Development of the Global News Media Industry in the Context of " Permacrisis "

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.008


Yunchong Ma, Lu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lu Zhang


As the global news media industry enters the digital age, the traditional news industry is facing a "permacrisis". This article aims to discuss the development status and challenges of the global news media industry, study the causes of the "permacrisis", analyze the crisis cases faced by the international media industry, and discuss the sustainable development strategy of the news media industry. This paper puts forward two strategies to deal with the "permacrisis": transforming and upgrading the media industry, diversified management, and brand strategy. These include innovation based on social media and digital technology, strategic planning for content production, investment diversification, and brand building and promotion. This paper believes that strengthening internal quality cycle management and establishing an evaluation system can achieve high-quality development of the news media industry and promote sustainable development.


Global news media industry; Permacrisis; Transformation and upgrading; Diversified operation