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The Innovative Path of Community Culture Construction Project under the Background of Urban Community Transformation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.006


Yunyan Ma

Corresponding Author

Yunyan Ma


With urbanization entering a new era and community construction entering a stage of high-quality development, it is necessary to propose community cultural construction that better meets residents' needs for a better quality of life. It is founded on the dynamic evolution of urban community transformation, and according to the internal logic of community cultural construction, a theoretical analysis framework is constructed which can explain the community cultural governance mechanism and the community cultural service circulation mechanism participated by multiple subjects, such as government, social organizations, and residents. Providing residents with high-quality public cultural products and services is the objective of the community cultural construction project and enhancing residents' satisfaction with public culture. As a result, we must achieve high-quality community cultural development and promote urban governance by strengthening public cultural supply based on residents' needs and establishing a scientific and reasonable public cultural evaluation system.


Urban community transformation; Community culture construction project; Multi-subject participation; High-quality development