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A Comparative Study of After-school Exercises in Road to Success (Upper Elementary) and New Practical Chinese Reader 2

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.005


Lin Wang

Corresponding Author

Lin Wang


The rapid spread and development of Chinese language education internationally have stimulated the continuous publication of textbooks teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Currently, there are various Chinese textbooks available. "Practice is the only criterion for testing truth." Therefore, the effect of learning Chinese should be reflected in students' performance in after-school exercises. Based on predecessors’ research on Chinese teaching materials, the author chooses two primary Chinese teaching materials used by domestic universities (Shanghai International Studies University) and foreign Confucius Institutes (Confucius Institute at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru), Road to Success (upper elementary) and New Practical Chinese Reader, respectively. To be convenient, this article refers to Road to Success (upper elementary) and New Practical Chinese Reader as Road to Success and New Practical 2. Specifically, the comparison starts from the following aspects. The first is the analysis of the number of after-school exercises. The number of after-school exercises in the two sets of textbooks and the number of question types in each lesson should be compared to see if the number of questions can meet the needs of students and the most suitable question number. The second is a comparative study in terms of exercise types. The common question types of the two sets of textbooks should be investigated to analyze their advantages and disadvantages and indicate what areas need attention in the classroom. The third is the content. The fourth is the comparative analysis of fun and difficulty.


The Road to Success (upper elementary); New Practical 2; Comparative textbooks; After-school exercises after; New Practical 2 workbook