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Research on Active Aging in Helping the Elderly Integrate into the Digital Age

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.004


Mingyue Wang, Xinyue Wang

Corresponding Author

Mingyue Wang


With the rapid development of information technology, population aging has become a growing concern. The elderly are facing difficulties accessing the digital world that younger generations enjoy. This paper aims to explore the challenges older people encounter in adopting digital technology and the reasons behind their disengagement from the digital age. From the perspective of active aging, this study argues that society should create an inclusive and welcoming environment for seniors, promoting the use of various technologies and smart devices with the right attitude, while encouraging their subjective initiative and enthusiasm. All stakeholders, including governments, businesses, communities, families, and seniors themselves, should collaborate to support the elderly in entering the digital age and enhancing their digital well-being. By doing so, seniors can make valuable contributions to social development while enjoying a better quality of life in the digital era.


active aging, the elderly, the digital age