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Analysis of the Challenges of Overseas Students Returning to China for Employment in the Labor Market—Based on the Re-discussion of the Value of Western Higher Education

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2023.002


Lisi Liu

Corresponding Author

Lisi Liu


With the steady growth of Chinese economy in recent years, more and more Chinese families choose to send their children abroad for further study, on the one hand, children can receive different education systems, broaden their horizons and get experience. On the other hand, children can upgrade their academic qualifications, so that they can be better employed in the future and have more possibilities for development. However, whether student’s study at home or abroad, they all end up entering society on their own and facing employment. Therefore, through comparative analysis and literature research, this paper takes Chinese international students studying in the UK as an example to discuss the employment status of Chinese students and give suggestions on how to solve some employment problems.


Chinese Students, Employment Issues, Employment status