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Research on the teaching reform of financial higher education with the cultivation of applied talents as the core

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.047


Jiani Wang

Corresponding Author

Jiani Wang


Since the reform and opening up, China's higher financial education has made great progress, especially in the last 10 years at the turn of the century. Judging from the demand structure of talents and human resources in China's economic and financial reform and development, a large number of applied talents with a certain theoretical basis who can adapt to front-line work as soon as possible are needed. Cultivating innovative modern financial talents with high comprehensive quality and strong practical ability is the goal of financial talents training and the development direction of discipline construction. Strengthening the construction and reform of practical teaching for finance undergraduates is of great significance for improving students' practical operation ability, cultivating applied senior financial talents and building financial disciplines. According to the needs of the rapid development of the financial industry, economic globalization, and the development trend of higher education, and in view of the main problems existing in the current financial discipline, this article proposes that the most urgent task facing the reform and development of the teaching of financial majors in China is to implement effective teaching, attach importance to practical teaching, and improve the comprehensive quality of students, in order to cultivate new types of applied talents required by the times.


Applied talents; Higher education in finance; Reform in education