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The Cultivation of Children’s Painting Creativity through Simple Line-drawing

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.040


Yu Tian

Corresponding Author

Yu Tian


As a part of preschool art activities, simple line-drawing has been criticized for many years, and the debate in the academic community has not stopped. However, it is undeniable that using simple line-drawing appropriately in children’s art activities can cultivate their creativity and imagination, help them overcome textual barriers, and freely express and record their lives. Using simple line-drawing in the five major areas of kindergarten activities, the simple and clear image is easy to understand at a glance, saving teachers from laborious explanations, making the originally abstract teaching content lively and interesting, and improving activity efficiency. Based on this, this article conducts research on the cultivation of children’s painting creation ability through simple line-drawing.


Simple line-drawing, Children’s painting, Creative ability