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The Construction of High-Quality Applied Undergraduate Online Courses Based on the SMCR Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.037


Yuanting Yang

Corresponding Author

Yuanting Yang


As the demand for online education continues to grow, it is essential to design high-quality online courses that engage students and promote learning outcomes. This journal article presents a strategic research approach to constructing applied undergraduate online courses guided by the SMCR model of communication. The SMCR model emphasizes four elements of effective communication: source, message, channel, and receiver. By applying this model to course design, educators can create courses that are relevant, engaging, and effective. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the SMCR model and its application in online course design, with specific examples and case studies. The article also discusses the importance of aligning course objectives with assessment strategies and engaging students in active learning activities. The research presented in this article demonstrates that the SMCR model can be a valuable framework for designing high-quality online courses that meet the needs of undergraduate students in applied fields. The article concludes with recommendations for future research and suggestions for educators who wish to apply the SMCR model in their course design.


source, channel, message, receiver, online courses