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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Talent Training Mode of College Students under New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.032


Xingwei Qu, Xiaoli Ren, Shaopeng Wu, Lijuan Huang

Corresponding Author

Xingwei Qu


With the progress of the social economy in recent years, the Chinese government has introduced various policies to pave the way for the comprehensive promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship development. At the same time, various types of diverse innovation and entrepreneurship platforms have been rapidly promoted and popularized. As one of the main groups of innovation and entrepreneurship in the current new situation, college students are often affected by a series of factors such as their limited innovation ability, weak foundation of innovation and entrepreneurship teachers in universities, and lack of cultivation mechanisms, which makes it difficult to achieve the expected results of innovation and entrepreneurship in the end. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for universities to analyze the current situation of innovation and entrepreneurship among college students under the new situation and propose targeted practical strategies to clarify their future development direction. Based on this, this article conducts research on the innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent cultivation models of college students in the new situation.


College students; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Talent training mode