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Teaching Reform Practice of the Course "Airport Operation and Management" for Civil Aviation Service

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.030


Chen Xiaowen

Corresponding Author

Chen Xiaowen


In recent years, the development of civil aviation in China has been rapid, and the demand for airport operation and management professionals has increased. However, the current teaching mode of the course "Airport Operation and Management" cannot fully meet the needs of the industry. In order to improve the teaching quality and cultivate high-quality talents in the field of civil aviation, the author carried out teaching reform practice of the course "Airport Operation and Management". The practice focuses on the construction of teaching resources, the reform of teaching methods, the improvement of practical teaching, and the exploration of innovative talent cultivation mode. The results show that the teaching reform practice has effectively improved the students' learning enthusiasm, promoted the development of their practical ability, and achieved good teaching effects.


Airport Operation and Management; Teaching Reform Practice; Civil Aviation Service; Practical Teaching; Talent Cultivation